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Everyone should be doing HQ's

paradoxjsh, Sep 24, 10 6:51 PM.
Just want everyone to know that they should be doing all there hq's and signature quest for status. This will not only help you out getting status to buy your pvp gear but al 10% of the status you receive will go into the guild. So get those quest done. If you need help with any part of a hq please ask and let someone know. As far as questing goes, quests that give out status should be of the upmost highest priority. Thanks

We are NOW a Level 30 Guild!!!!

paradoxjsh, Sep 24, 10 6:37 PM.
Death Eaters Reached Guild Level 30 on 9/21/2010. Reaching Level 30 gives guilds the opportunity to purchase a guild hall. We decided and purchased our guild hall in Frostfang. The guild has a castlesk type feel to it. At level 30 the guild has the option to have up to 5 amenities. the 5 we have chosen are as follows: Guild Hall Banker, Guild hall faction market Broker, Guild Hall Translocation Beacon, Harvest supply Depot, and The Navigator's Globe to Norarath. As our guild Level increase so will the number of amenities we will have. Thanks to all who contributed in gaining the status and in future leveling I hope all guildies will do there part in contributing to plat or status. Congratulations everyone on a great achievement

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

paradoxjsh, Sep 19, 10 5:16 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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